I was thirteen years old and standing in the middle of a grocery store in Mexico.
Dan sat on the couch visibly upset. His body was tense, and it looked like he was at a point of yelling or crying. “My son and I used to be attached at the hip. Anywhere I went he went. Now, I can’t even get him to take out the trash without him yelling at me for ruining his life or accusing me of being mean or angry. I am angry! I have done nothing to him, or her for that matter. She left me and yet I am the bad guy, and she is definitely turning him against me.
"Dad, don't go to work." My daughter has been stopping me at the door and telling me these words on a daily basis for the last two weeks.
What happens when you are an over-the-road driver and your wife has twins? Prime driver, Daniel Skidmore and wife, Kerry, recently faced this challenge when
Anthony and Heidi Eck drive a truck together. Not only do they drive a truck together, they enjoy doing it. For some people this may seem risky.
​Ask any Prime driver and he or she will tell you there are a number of ways to stay connect with family while gone from home
In February Daniel Skidmore was driving his truck in Illinois in when he got the call his wife, Kerry, was in early labor. Her water had broken and she was headed to the hospital.
For Josh Keedy, Prime driver and father of four, it all boils down to respect. Self-respect is a big deal for Josh—something reflected in his work as a driver and in his role as a husband and father.
Before he began driving for Prime, Rosalio Matute Jr. (aka Junior Honduras), did his homework. He researched a lot of companies and came to the conclusion Prime was the best one for him