Marriage and romance look different in your thirties and forties than it did when you were 22. I remember talking to a friend, let’s call him Ray, about how things were different with his wife Angela “back in the day.” I asked him to describe what he meant.
"Many things have been said about how to save your marriage. Some of them are even true!" ‍
We’ve been thinking about anger all wrong. Anger is not something to suppress, ignore or be ashamed of. In fact, expressing your anger in a safe and healthy way is one of the best things you can do for yourself. All you need is the confidence to do it right.
Riley was livid. His heart was pumping out of his chest. His hands were shaking, and all he could think about was, “This is it. It’s go time.” 
Alex stared out the window and wondered what the problem might be. He liked to golf and was always ready to get together with the guys and go out for 18 holes. Sometimes he went to the golf course and just played a round by himself or with anyone who showed up. Lately, though, it just wasn’t that interesting. He found it easier to stay at work.
My baseball career ended at the age of 16, as a junior varsity benchwarmer. I couldn’t throw as hard or run as fast as my teammates. But, that is still longer than most kids play these days. Now, by age 14, more than 70% of ballplayers have stopped playing ball.
Let me tell you about my brain. Imagine thinking about all the things you have to do one day at work. While you are thinking about those things, a constant song plays in your head. While this song is only in your head, if you sing a line wrong, you must start over again, until you get the line perfect.