There’s a pain in Dave’s chest that he can’t get rid of. He massages it constantly and has no clue as to why it hurts. He can’t sleep at night, and he feels tired all during the day, even when he does get some good sleep. Dave used to love bowling.
“So what do you want me to do, Doc? I’ve never done this. Where do I sit? Did you want me to lie down on the couch?”
Like trucking, the naval submarine service is mostly made up of men. On my boat, the USS San Francisco, a lot of the men on board had children and families who would stay behind while we were out to sea. We left on deployments and missions for months at a time, often with limited contact.
It’s hard to believe, but just ten years ago, I was a fast food, frozen pizza eating bachelor. I rarely did any real cooking of any kind.
In a world that has men constantly under attack, it is easy to feel defeated. Sometimes it feels like the world is out to destroy the role of father and husband in the home. Over-The-Road dads, step-dads, and grandfathers feel the pressure more than most.
Mike Nissley is very aware that to see results, you have to be committed.
“No thank you. I’ve had an excellent sufficiency. Anymore would be a superfluous animosity. However, your cuisine would please the most fastidious gourmet.”
At the History Museum on the Square, one of the best things to hear from young visitors are sentences beginning with I.
Have you ever had a free day with the kids and needed a new place to take them? Consider a beautiful spot about an hour from Springfield, loaded with opportunities to explore nature, let out some energy, watch tiny fish in a stream, and count turtles on a log.