Prime Good Dads

Prime Good Dads supports drivers and families with information, training, and resources designed to help them strengthen their connection and improve their communication. 

Primed for Life – A Mental Health Resource for All Drivers

Driving over the road can be stressful. Drivers must be aware of their surroundings, the things they have to do, situations at home, and other difficult personal situations. Anxiety, depression, relationship concerns, and sadness are all side effects that can occur with our brain must process too much information at one time.
Primed for Life offers an affordable, convenient way for drivers to talk to licensed professionals who will help them sort through important issues in their lives. Whether discussing breathing techniques to bring down one’s blood pressure, or communication advice to help a struggling relationship, the counselors at Primed for Life, are there to help Prime drivers.

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Dad jokes


Marriage and romance look different in your thirties and forties than it did when you were 22. I remember talking to a friend, let’s call him Ray, about how things were different with his wife Angela “back in the day.” I asked him to describe what he meant.
"Many things have been said about how to save your marriage. Some of them are even true!" ‍
We’ve been thinking about anger all wrong. Anger is not something to suppress, ignore or be ashamed of. In fact, expressing your anger in a safe and healthy way is one of the best things you can do for yourself. All you need is the confidence to do it right.
Riley was livid. His heart was pumping out of his chest. His hands were shaking, and all he could think about was, “This is it. It’s go time.”