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I get it – you want friends. But as a grown man and a father, that can be a weird thing to admit out loud. But the truth is, you don’t just want friends, you need friends. And you can’t afford to go any longer without them.

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The Power of Playing Catch

My baseball career ended at the age of 16, as a junior varsity benchwarmer. I couldn’t throw as hard or run as fast as my teammates. But, that is still longer than most kids play these days. Now, by age 14, more than 70% of ballplayers have stopped playing ball.

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Being Home for the Holidays No Matter Where You Are

Like trucking, the naval submarine service is mostly made up of men. On my boat, the USS San Francisco, a lot of the men on board had children and families who would stay behind while we were out to sea. We left on deployments and missions for months at a time, often with limited contact.

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