Our mission is to help Prime dads, including over-the-road dads, stay engaged with and connected to their kids.



Many long-haul drivers wonder about the impact of their absence on their children. While over-the-road (OTR) dads may not be physically present with their children as much as they would prefer, it doesn’t mean they are absent fathers. It may not be easy to be a good dad while also driving over-the-road, but it is possible.

Good Dads provide for their children. Good Dads communicate with their children. Good Dads take an interest in their children’s activities. Good Dads model responsible, respectful behavior in caring for themselves and others. Prime Inc. cares about its drivers and their families. With the launch of Prime Good Dads, Prime is initiating practical, day-to-day strategies and activities to help dads stay connected to their kids, whether or not they’re driving cross country.

Our Beliefs

Every Child Benefits From an Engaged Father

OTR Dads, Just like military dads, deserve our support and encouragement

Over-the-Road (OTR) or Long Haul Truck Drivers, love their kids

It's possible to be a Good Dad and an OTR Dad

OTR Dads face some unique challenges in staying connected to their kids

We're all in this together