Setting Goals this “Haul-iday” Season: An Interview with Prime Driver James “JC” Rose

James "JC" Rose and his family

Setting Goals this “Haul-iday” Season: An Interview with Prime Driver James “JC” Rose

Good Dads had the opportunity to talk with James “JC” Rose, a veteran, Prime driver and father of four, about healthy mindsets going into the New Year. We knew James was the perfect interviewee for this topic because he is all about putting others first; his family, his friends and his country. “Trucking is similar to serving in the military because both are necessities,” James said. “Being a truck driver is another way of serving your country.”

After serving in the Marine Corps for 30 years, James started driving for Prime in December of 2020 and has had the opportunity to train many other drivers. His children have followed in his footsteps of servitude, with his sons serving in the military and his daughter in school to be an occupational therapist. He takes great pride in his family’s legacy and gave some great advice to fathers who are drivers going into the New Year.

James “JC” Rose, pictured third from left, shares his wisdom on goal-setting and having a mindset of servitude in this interview.

Responses have been edited for length and clarity.

Do you have any resolutions for the New Year?

James “JC” Rose: My goals for 2024 are to continue being a trainer for Prime and to provide that essential service for our country. I would also like to continue to financially prepare for not only my future, but my family’s future so that they may continue our family legacy of serving our country. I want to build a solid foundation so that my kids and my kids’ kids can continue to give back to our country and charitable efforts such as I Care, Fight Against Domestic Violence, mental health and the fight against human trafficking; just to name a few. I’d also like to expand my fleet to hire more veterans for Prime.

How do you plan on achieving your resolutions?

JR: When it comes to your goals, you need to make the plan, execute the plan, and follow through with the plan. By doing so, you will be successful in fulfilling your ambitions. As you achieve goals, set new ones. Never settle for less than success!

Do you share these goals with your family? How do they help keep you accountable?

JR: My family helps keep me accountable. They’re always telling me I’m busy and to not forget about myself as I’m always trying to help humanity because that’s why we’re here on this earth—life is not all about ourselves, it’s about others. It’s about trying to get to your higher calling.

Do you have any advice you’d like to give to fathers who are on the road and are wanting to better themselves in 2024?

JR: Stay in contact with your family. Make sure that you’re making those phone calls and FaceTime daily. The constant contact will help keep you and your family grounded. They are going through their own sacrifice with their father being away, so talking to them as much as you can will really help them with their struggles. 

Separation can be tough on the whole family. Have a day out for just you and the kids and let them plan the outing. This shows them that you really care, and don’t forget about the mothers as they are doing all of the right things to keep the home running as smoothly as possible (having special nights with them is also very important).

Let your family know that you love them and miss them. They need to hear those words.

Closing Remarks

After the interview, James reached out again with some words of wisdom about investing in your children. “The positive investment parents make in their children, extended family and kids in general are imperative,” James said. “The investment we make in our youth sets them up for success to become positive citizens that continue to make our country one to follow and emulate. I’m so proud to say that the investment I’ve made in my kids and extended family is the best investment that no dollar amount could equal. Our youth are the next generation to carry on positive traditions and continue to build upon the great values and characteristics that make the United States of America great.”

As you make New Year’s resolutions and find time to celebrate the season on and off the road, remember the importance of setting goals and how your family can help keep you accountable. Let James’ insights inspire you to set goals that center around your family’s well-being and contribute positively to the world around you. For more resources and support, check out the rest of the Prime Good Dads blog posts as well as

Happy “Haul-idays!”