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Marriage Makes Men Better

Overall, our understanding of the importance of marriage and fatherhood in helping men to behave in prosocial ways provides a strong impetus to use social policies and other measures to encourage men to become responsible husbands and fathers.

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­How to Keep Healthy Habits on the Road

Drivers face unique challenges when it comes to keeping healthy habits. James “JC” Rose sets an excellent example of how other drivers can prioritize their health. Read more to learn how taking care of yourself and of your environment can help you to be a better dad.

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Society Makes Fatherhood a Lonely Role

Navigating fatherhood, in general, can be an isolating experience, as societal perceptions often overshadow the diverse roles fathers play in their children’s lives, leaving them to grapple with their emotions and struggles in solitude.

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man alone in the mountains to symbolize loneliness

Male Loneliness and ‘Our Biological Need to Connect’

In the wake of a tragic loss, Calvin contemplates the consequences of social isolation and the importance of maintaining meaningful connections, reflecting on a Surgeon General’s report that underscores the critical role of social connection in our well-being.

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