Raising Responsible Kids: Leading by Example

Raising Responsible Kids: Leading by Example

Responsibility is a lot more than just doing the dishes or cleaning up after yourself. Responsibility is being accountable for your actions. It’s being able to act independently through good character traits. It’s about taking things one step at a time. This month on the Prime Good Dads blog, we’re exploring how Prime fathers raise responsible kids.

As Prime drivers, there’s no shortage of responsibilities on your plate. From meeting delivery schedules to maintaining the upkeep of your truck, responsibility is an important trait of truck drivers. So how can you pass down the virtue of responsibility to your children?

James Rose, a Prime driver of over three years, shares his insights and strategies on instilling responsibility to kids.

Set a positive example

“Our most valuable investment we will ever make are the positive examples we provide for our children,” James said. “We work diligently and pray these investments are not done so in vain, resulting in a great return (on) investment!”

Kids are like sponges and are a lot smarter than some people give them credit for. If you complain about having to do chores, then they’ll surely follow suit. By having a positive attitude and exuding self confidence, kids will pick up on that for themselves. Lead by example! This doesn’t mean you have to pretend to be in a good mood all the time. Rather, demonstrate to your children the responsible and respectful way to express emotions. We all have strong emotions sometimes. A large part of raising responsible kids is showing how to express yourself in a healthy way. 

Open the lines of communication to your kids

James stressed the importance of doing your best to protect your children by opening that line of communication. 

“Parents will face challenges in their efforts to raise responsible kids due to negative pressures from corrupt people,” he said. “This also includes other persuasions that are observed from outside entities and influences, sparking unwarranted interests. (This) can cause significant problems within the positive dynamics of responsible kids.” 

“Parents must instill in their children to never be afraid to talk to them and that they are there for them,” James said, “stressing that if at any time, and no matter what the situation is, they are always available to provide advice and guidance!”

Good dads prioritize keeping communication open and honest within their families. Children rely on their parents to gain a sense of knowledge and understanding. Fathers play a pivotal role in developing their children’s sense of judgment.

There’s no denying social media has its fair share of flaws. However, it can be a helpful tool in opening the line of communication between your kids, especially over the road. Even short amounts of time during the day are beneficial. Checking in with your kids is crucial not only in building a relationship, but also instilling important values like responsibility.

Find a network of people to help while over the road

Readers will remember that, as mentioned in a previous blog, we covered the importance of finding a network of people who share your values. Relying on a positive support system while over the road can be of significant assistance to your children. 

“Another great contribution within a family’s positive roles, ensuring children are raised to be responsible, are an added bonus from grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins,” James explained. “This extended network of guardians also helps shape, mold, and keep the minds of the youth grounded and focused to be responsible, positive and contributing adults in our society!” 

While over the road, keeping that line of communication with kids is crucial. Ensuring they have a network of people to instill great values in them is an important action for drivers to take.

Improve mindfulness through prayer or meditation   

During our conversation, James mentioned the importance of faith and prayer in his life as a father. 

“The great thing about prayer is that many of us are living and being blessed and benefiting from prayers prayed generations before us!” James said. “We pray when it is discovered a child is coming, we pray the child is healthy, we pray that we are given the knowledge, wisdom and capacity to raise and provide for the child, we pray when the child doesn’t know how to pray for themselves and most importantly, we pray those generational prayers for blessings, prosperity, and good health when the child doesn’t pray for themselves.”

Even if you are not religious yourself or you don’t pray, staying mindful is still beneficial. Taking time to meditate through writing, talking aloud, or your inner thoughts can help you stay grounded, especially during tough moments. This is a great first step in being more aware of your actions and decisions as you raise responsible kids.

Be a good role model

“Every child must have a tangible and positive role model to follow and emulate!” James said. “Whether it’s a two parent home, which in my opinion is critical, or a single parent home where one parent is fulfilling the role of both parents. Additionally it’s equally important for those parents who co-parent to ensure their child/ren are being raised with great character, have superior values and great respect for all!”

“Parents have a never ending duty/responsibility to their children, even as they become adults and go out into the world on their own.” James continued. “There is nothing new under the sun, things just have a slightly different modern (quality) to them. If we look back over our lives we will easily compare many things taught to our elders were also taught to us continuing the always present and evolving solid foundation and cornerstones the family can stand and build upon!”

Being a good role model allows for a “trickle down” effect, where kids look up to their parents and want to imitate them. Continuing to hold yourself accountable for your actions, be a good listener, and show your children support will increase the value of responsibility. 

 Final Words

James concluded our conversation by stating that staying humble and doing his best to be a good role model to not only his kids, but anyone he meets, has greatly benefited him. 

“My motto holds true in every aspect of life “In order to stay in the fight…you first have to be in it.” Lastly, keep pressing forward, and when you go through the door of success, take someone with you!”


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