Driver Profile- Mike Nissley

Driver Profile- Mike Nissley

Commitment = Results

Mike Nissley is very aware that to see results, you have to be committed. Mike drives food grade products for Prime’s tanker division, which takes him OTR delivering the liquids required to produce chocolate. In the six years that Mike has been driving trucks, he has experienced different company cultures. Through his recent move back to Prime, Mike learned the importance of prioritizing his health while over the road, and Prime welcomed him back with open arms and plenty of resources.

Mike will tell you that when it comes to the different companies he has worked for, no one offers the resources for full body health like Prime. Through the Prime program Driver Health and Fitness, Mike is able to connect with licensed dieticians and personal trainers who work alongside him to create programs optimized for the results he desires. Physical health and working out takes commitment, and having programs and people who help you is only one part of the puzzle. When asked how he stays committed to working out while driving, Mike responded “I live from Planet Fitness to Planet Fitness.” It is knowledge like this that Mike wants to help pass on to the new generation of drivers. Mike stated that Planet Fitness allows him to park in their lot, which then makes it easier for him to work out and use their facilities.

“I live from Planet Fitness to Planet Fitness.”

Any driver will tell you that staying connected to your family while constantly driving is incredibly tough. Mike has found a way to make this a bit easier. Through his commitment to his personal health, Mike has been able to use it as a way to stay connected to his children. Mike told us in a podcast, recorded with him earlier that through his commitment to health and his desire to stay connected with his family, he is able to stop and visit his children to fit in a workout with them when in town. Prime also made it easier for Mike to connect to his daughter by allowing her to use the same workout building resources that Mike has access to. This inclusion into an activity that makes Mike happy is not only a way to spend time, but it allows Mike to model healthy behaviors to his children.

No Excuses. Use Your Phone

“Use your phone.” This simple yet direct statement is the easiest way to stay connected with your family Mike says. In today’s world with the technology available, there is no excuse for not being as connected as you would like. Mike stated that not only does he use FaceTime and varying apps, but he has even watched live streamed video of his son’s games. Access to such amazing technology is also one of the reasons Mike has created The resources available to Mike have changed his life, and he is proud of where he works. Mike wanted others to have the same access he has, so he created a website designed to inform, educate, and point people towards helpful resources.

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