Author: Drew Dilisio

What If I Grew Up with an Alcoholic Parent?

Shannon is worried about the way Derek drinks. He could always “hold his liquor,” but lately it seems to be more and more important to him. She has tried to talk with him about how his drinking affects their kids, but typically gets the same response:

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More Than Two for a New You

The role of the therapist often is to listen, reflect, be empathetic, work with the client to achieve a goal, process past events, or just allow him or her to vent their feelings and frustrations.

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Fatherhood through Divorce: What’s It Like for Dads Over the Road

Dan sat on the couch visibly upset. His body was tense, and it looked like he was at a point of yelling or crying.

“My son and I used to be attached at the hip. Anywhere I went he went. Now, I can’t even get him to take out the trash without him yelling at me for ruining his life or accusing me of being mean or angry. I am angry! I have done nothing to him, or her for that matter. She left me and yet I am the bad guy, and she is definitely turning him against me.

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What happens when you are an over-the-road driver and your wife has twins? Prime driver, Daniel Skidmore and wife, Kerry, recently faced this challenge when

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