Primed for life

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Healthily Handling Stress is not Weakness I was 23 years old when I joined the Navy. From the time I entered boot camp, to the day I left the Navy, I heard an ideal preached … Read More

Finding Your “Why”

Stephanie GrandestaffPrime Good Dads

Prime instructor, Allen Ross, understands the importance of leadership when he trains the drivers under his tutelage. He knows and believes he is preparing them to think of themselves not only as drivers of an … Read More

“Are We There Yet?”

Stephanie GrandestaffPrime Good Dads

How many fathers have heard this question from the back seat of the car? Is it time? Can I have it now? When will it be time to __________? Waiting is perhaps one of the … Read More

Father-Son Driving Team

Stephanie GrandestaffPrime Good Dads

Johnny Jackson is doing what many dads wish they could do—teach their sons to do what they do and love it. Johnny, who drives a 2020 Freightliner Cascadia and hails from northern Louisiana, is an … Read More

Baby on Board an Eighteen-Wheeler!

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It’s not what you expect to see on the back of an 18-wheeler, but it’s the absolute truth for Prime drivers James and Shelby Abell. They have had their baby, Amelia, on board almost since … Read More

Are Truck Drivers Romantic?

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Wisdom for Prime Good Dad Thomas Miller Are truck drivers romantic? That is what we asked Thomas Miller when we talked with him a few days before Valentine’s Day. He assured us, “I am a … Read More