Humility in Leadership: A Good Dad Both In and Out of the Office

Stephanie GrandestaffMile Markers

If you met Dennis Davis, you would likely say it’s very apparent he likes his job, and he really cares for the people with whom he works. Dennis is one of those guys who answers a question about himself by telling you how hard those around him work, and there is no doubt, that over everything, he is proud to be a dad.

In fact, Dennis appears to a kind of dad to a lot of guys at Prime Trucking, especially in the way he talks about their hard work during COVID. When Dennis describes the lengths drivers have been going through to get people supplies he says, “We can’t fly a plane into a local Walmart.” He adds, “There have been no complaints from our drivers . . . they are getting the job done.”

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What happens when the entire country seemingly shuts down? If we have learned anything from COVID, it’s that some things are essential. The truest fact is that the entire country did not close because when many stayed home taking advantage of time with family, drivers kept the world going by picking up goods and delivering them when everything else shut down.

Often when we look at great leaders, we see more than one characteristic. It is not that they are just brave, or fair, or empowering. It is that they do all these things with humility where the greater good of their people comes before their own needs. A good leader recognizes their role and does everything in their power to make those they work with more successful, while staying in their lane. Dennis Davis is that type of leader.

Helping Others Achieve Success

Dennis is a safety supervisor for a Prime Trucking. When asked what his role is, he replied that it is to do whatever he is told, but he says he says this with a smile on his face. With a sense of humor, Dennis reveals his understanding that his role is to help others achieve success. And isn’t that what a good dad does? He helps his children be successful, to have what they need to meet the challenges of the day.

Dennis cannot solve all the problems his drivers face, but he can set an example through his actions. He recognizes the anxiety involved while working during COVID. He feels this himself, but he explains that what drivers go through is different. He sees his family every day, but they do not get to go home to their family/support system at night. We rely on them to do their jobs so the rest of us can have what we need for our families. 

Perhaps Dennis is like a dad to some Prime drivers because he knows the importance of family, including the Prime family of drivers. He understands that especially when you are working on your own you need the support of others. Maintaining that connection is important to your mental and physical health.

The interview with Dennis was a great look into a leader who sees the effect he can have on others around him. He lives his life as an example to those people.

To listen to the full interview, click here.