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Bul Dut

“Are We There Yet?”

How many fathers have heard this question from the back seat of the car? Is it time? Can I have it now? When will it be time to __________?

Waiting is perhaps one of the most important and difficult things a child learns to master. The ability to wait, to manage one’s impulses, to delay gratification has been linked to all kinds of positive outcomes for children. It’s not small matter to learn. And it’s not easy either.

Prime Driver, Bul Dut, knows more than most people about the challenges of waiting. Bul grew up in South Sudan and was living there when civil war broke out in 1987. He became one of “The Lost Boys of Sudan,” a name given to over 20,000 boys from South Sudanese tribes, the majority of which were from the Nuer and Dinka ethic groups. These boys were displaced or orphaned during the Second Sudanese Civil way, which lasted until 2005. During this time about two million were killed and many others suffered devastating consequences. The “Lost Boys” fled South Sudan and walked hundreds or miles to refugee camps in Ethiopia where they lived for several years. Eventually, they were resettled in major U.S. cities throughout the United States.

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