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Heidi Kapinos &
Anthony Eck

“Team Work on the Road and at Home”

Ask any Prime driver and he or she will tell you there are a number of ways to stay connect with family while gone from home. We’ve heard about Skype, Facetime, talking on the phone and special apps that make communication easier in remote locations. The important thing, they say, is to touch base on a regular basis.

Heide Kapinos knew she was signing up for a long-distance relationship complete with many forms of communication when she married her husband, Anthony. What she didn’t expect was to be sharing a cab with him as a long-haul driver herself. Although Anthony was positively encouraging about her ability to drive an 18-wheeler, Heidi resisted. However, Anthony was persistent and pointed out the many financial advantages of driving together, along with being able to avoid long separations. Eventually, she agreed to give it a try.

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Good Dads Podcast

Good Dads Podcast

There’s more than one way to be a good dad. Tune in as Josh-the-Dad and Dr. Baker talk about what it means to be a 21st century dad. Laugh and learn as you listen to soon-to-be dads, brand new dads, over-the-road dads, dads with twins, single parent dads, divorced dads, and many other real-life dads. Don’t expect perfection. Do expect to learn something new or be reassured about what you’re already doing. It’s all here on the Good Dads Podcast.


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